Market Research applied to Recruitment : The unique Mix & Match approach

  • Effective analytical targeting, thanks to a qualified database of 14.400 market-research professionals (+ 8,000 in France), covering more than 50 major criterii
  • Precise, fine-tuned recommendations via in-depth interviews
  • A deep, all-round understanding of the market-research profession
  • Process & Analysis
  • Independence & Neutrality
  • A global vision, both France and international
  • Saving you time and energy
  • Founded in October 2012, Mix & Match is responsible for numerous market-research professional recruitments, in France and abroad
  • On average, Mix & Match identifies and introduces the candidate effectively recruited within 30 days
  • Success rate (trial period confirmed): 95%

Market research and the employment market: a recruitment specialist’s view

Interview with Mary Le Gardeur in Stratégies
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Interview with Mary Le Gardeur in Market Research News
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