Because tracking down the right person is not as easy!

  • Markets across the world are undergoing a major change.
  • In today’s hyperconnected world, a new generation of skills are taking over : hybrid and wide-ranging.
  • Everything is up for question, established habits in particular.
  • Recruitment can no longer be a tick-the-box affair, it has to mesh in with a more overarching examination of today’s and tomorrow’s HR strategies.
  • It takes time and energy, data may be incomplete, subjective and unsure, and decisions hasty or just plain wrong.

Let Mix & Match assess your brand appeal.

Then find the one who’s right for you:

  • A close match of overt and  latent needs
  • Measured risk-taking on high-potential profiles
  • Qualified database: France, Europe, Africa, China, Americas
  • Success rate (trial period confirmed): 95%
  • On average, Mix & Match identifies and introduces the candidate effectively recruited in less than 30 days