Because building talent is not that easy!

Real HR strategy involves the ad hoc support of existing and future teams, Mix & Match can help you grow your talents with customized training.

All-round skills

  • Optimise communication skills
  • Analyzing team skills to improve short- and medium-term performances
  • Public speaking
  • Defining and ranking the highest-value sales initiatives


  • Understanding panel data
  • Efficient collaboration with R&D
  • Market Research and Product Design
  • Health-sector specifics

Research methodologies

  • Benefits of trends analysis and prospective research
  • Creativity: workshop moderation, creative workshops…
  • Understanding the reasoning behind ad hoc research
  • Formalizing effective segmentation
  • Creating a successful innovation process
  • Introduction to Simulated Test Markets
  • Highlighting results for impactful presentation
  • Organizing desk research to identify operational learnings
  • Drawing up real Marketing recommendations